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June 9, 2012

Recently the Alberni Pacific RR had an excellent brushing day on the rails. We had two machines (rubber-tired mower and the "Lobster"), two chainsaws, weed whackers and hand saws brushing from the McLean Mill down into town. It was heavy, physical work but the result is very dramatic.

Picture #1 shows the Lobster chasing two of the weed whackers. The Lobster is the way to go.

Picture #2 shows some of the excellent work completed at Compton Road.

Ken Fyfe and crew on the east side of the Port Sub have also undertaken a huge task of brushing the east end of the Port Sub. They also have a modified flail mower mounted on a flat deck trailer, a series of lawn mowers mounted side by side and the obligatory hand brushing tools.

I'm very happy with the brushing on the Port Sub but nature is relentless. I still trundle up the tracks whenever I get a chance and grind away at the hand brushing, close to the tracks, desperately trying to keep the Scotch broom and alders at bay!

MOW excursion July 21-26, 2012: details here.